About Me

Where do I start? I’ve been MMO gaming since Earth and Beyond, which I had fun in right up until EA pulled the plug on it. The guild I was with at the time moved from E&B to Horizons (now called Istaria) which was ok. I just never got into the game really, but it was my first time with a fantasy MMO and the ability bloat (as we would call it now) was a bit too much. I moved on to EVE, rejoining some guildies that opted for EVE instead of Horizons, it was fun for a time. Eventually, I quit the MMO scene for awhile. Right up until the beta invite to World of Warcraft. I was hooked. When it eventually was released in November 2004, I was there creating my first character. A human rogue. I played her as my main for a long time, leveled up lockpicking, made sure I had my two talent points in Improved Sap (so I could stay stealthed when I sapped a mob), raided with her and generally had fun. Right up until a certain dagger dropped off of Garr in MC, my dkp tied with a warrior who wanted it for tanking and the raid leader gave the dagger to him instead of me. I didn’t rage quit or anything I just walked away. When the realm Duskwood opened, I created a human warlock and leveled her up with intention of raiding, which I did. Raided up until SSC. Guild broke up and kinda took the wind out of playing WoW for a time. Wandered for a bit; EQ2, City of Heroes, and others. Never could quite get the same spark I had with WoW. I came back, created a new DK and played with a friend. Never went back to raiding, probably never will again. Family comes before gaming nowadays. Leveled up through Cata and part of MoP. Got bored went to SWToR and GW2 for awhile. Again, no spark. Until I played Wildstar, I felt that spark. And here I am creating a blog to chronicle my journeys through Nexus as a Stalker.

The Blog

As I stated before, I intend for this blog as a place to write about being an Explorer path Stalker in Wildstar. Will I be raiding as a Stalker, in a word, no. I have a family and a job that precludes that activity. That doesn’t mean we can’t talk about theorycrafting or about gearing to be the best. I do intend to PvP and make it the Veteran level for Adventures and Dungeons. And I fully expect to write about it. I also intend to have an area (more likely a page) setup that covers the patch notes relevant to Stalkers as game patches are released (Carbine I believe intends their patches to be called Drops, but that may change in the future).

Thanks for sticking around this long on the About Page, most I find have very little on the page itself.



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